Aim of starting the blog is to share my experience to inspire others to cook and eat healthy, hygiene and tasty (H2t). Domain name –“Doctors café – H2t” self-explained about food which is first medicine for living healthier and happy life.

Indian cooking is especially characterized by variety of herbs and spices. For many centuries, flavourful food made with spices by Indian cooks. These spices are not only for flavour but medicinal value too. Some of the health benefits are well-known and documented. Our medicinal literature’s listed variety of health benefits from Indian spices as herbs.

For example, health benefits range from cures Sore throat, morning sickness, regulates gastritis, blood sugar, cholesterol and heart ailments etc. The list will be more and more. One of the themes of this blog is to educate the viewers about the usage of herbs in simpler way with enhanced taste. The taste is very important to any food, but the tasty food with little modifications would be healthy food too.

The history of Indian cuisine reflects 5000 year old history of various sub continents and continental cousins influence added to assorted Indian cuisine. In Indian cuisine various regional cuisines are included. In this blog focus mainly on south Indian cuisine ensuring nutritional facts and health benefits.

Here you will find traditional, festival and day-to-day vegetarian recipes for tasty & healthy life. Nowadays, being vegetarian or vegan will help to find more health benefits in our life. Actually normal day-to-day diet in early India consisted of lot of vegetable, legumes, grain, fruits, honey and dairy products. We included vegetarian for day-to-day life, sometime egg, fish and meat.

In this blog am going to share vegetarian and vegan recipes only. Each & every recipes in this blog are time-tested. Most of the recipes in this blog learnt and experimented from my mother, papa perimma, grandmother, aunt, friends, books, TV shows and websites.

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I also feel happy to help you for your tasty / healthy / traditional veg recipe.Thanks for your valuable time and support.

Jayashri Mahalingam (jay)